Thursday, November 8, 2007

Now, for the rest of the story

Several readers called and e-mailed this morning, wondering what happened to “the rest of the story” in the Bradenton Herald. They were referring to the well-written saga about the 76-year-old Broward deputy killed on-duty.

Readers of our Bradenton edition were engrossed in that front-page story, turned to Page 6A where the story (written by Miami Herald reporters) was supposed to jump -– and found an Associated Press version of the same story. But no jump.

Oops. That was a victim of poor zoning between our two print editions. In the Lakewood Ranch Herald, the story was contained inside and only on Page 6A. That’s our first deadline, and the Miami Herald –- our sister McClatchy newspaper -- hadn’t sent their version to us yet. So the News Desk used the AP story.

For the next edition, we brought the story out on 1A, and we now had the Miami Herald’s version. The plan was to jump that to the same news hole on Page 6A -- but the new jump page never got on the press.

That shouldn’t happen, and we apologize. I am glad you’re reading us and holding us accountable. The good news is that the entire Miami story is here online, too.


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