Sunday, October 4, 2009

Coupon nirvana in today's Herald

If you need to convince someone on the value of the Sunday newspaper -- and news, entertainment, puzzles, comics, local investigative reporting, editorials, sports and advertisements aren't enough -- throw in $500 in coupons.

For just a buck (at least in our local Bradenton market) or less if you're a home subscriber, you get coupons worth chances to save at least $500 today. That includes national ads for everything from dog food to vitamins to shampoo; the Walgreens and Publix ads; the Herald's Money Saver with car care, dry cleaning and restaurant coupons; and plenty more to keep your scissors busy.

Each week, Shauna Horn in the Herald's finance department tallies the inserts for this add-on value. We often tease you with the grand total in the Herald's "skyboxes" on Page 1A, hoping to grab that passerby into spending just $1 to save plenty more.

Sorry, gotta go. My coupons await surgery.

-- Joan

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