Thursday, November 26, 2009

Finding the 'thanks' in Thanksgiving

Whether you checked today's news here on, or from the huge treat of a newspaper bundle holding all of Black Friday's countless sales, Tiffany Tompkins-Condie helped define the true meaning of Thanksgiving with her story about Danielle.

Tiffany spent several weeks with Danielle Zanyk, a girl who has amazing survival skills and resolve for her young years. I felt quite lucky to spend some time working on the story with Tiffany, who managed to squeeze in the research, photography and writing along with her full load of photography assignments.

Set aside a little bit of time today to read this story. If getting to know Danielle through Tiffany's words and images has the same effect as it did on me, you'll resolve to do something with a bit more passion, a bit more care, a bit more humility. And I bet you can make a difference today for someone you love.

Happy Thanksgiving -- and Go, Pack, Go!

-- Joan

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