Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve is all about giving

On Christmas Eve, the mood in our community seems promisingly hopeful. The Herald newsroom has been deluged with callers telling us about how they are helping others. We're blessed with having more stories than we can write. But there's a great sampling in today's edition, and more on the way through the holiday weekend.

Volunteering seems to be at an all-time high -- the demand is certainly there. And just about everyone at the Herald has pitched in somewhere.

Business Editor Jennifer Rich sets a high bar for the rest of us. Every week, she teams up with senior citizens at Meals on Wheels Plus's Adult Day Center. She went this week, decked in holiday finest, bringing friendship and comfort.

She acknowledged that it's not always easy -- she gets attached to someone, only to find them gone the next visit. But there is always someone waiting for her company. If you can volunteer, call 941-748-3001.

Reporter Richard Dymond wrote today of the preparations for Christmas Day feedings for the homeless and needy. So many more are on the receiving end this year. For those of us lucky enough to have a job and loved ones, let's ante up to Jennifer's challenge.

-- Joan


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