Sunday, April 25, 2010

Special Report: Making Small Business Work

Looking for signs that the economy is on the mend? So is the Herald -- and we are finding some in our small businesses throughout Manatee and Sarasota counties. That's the focus of the new series we launched today, "Making Small Business Work".

As I wrote in my column, small businesses are developing extraordinary ways to deal with the economy and be successful. We can learn from their stories -- both from their failures and from their victories.

Business/Enterprise Editor Jennifer Rich outlined the series:

The stories will focus on what makes these businesses different from their competitors — how the change is working out in generating new revenue, customers, etc.; inject some of the owner’s personality and how that impacts his or her company; what big issues have they tackled along the way; what possible other changes were tried and didn’t work; what future plans or changes are being considered.

From a national perspective, McClatchy's Washington Bureau, working with the Herald and other McClatchy papers, will be paying attention to the role that small businesses are playing in creating jobs, innovative products and services and other value as the American economy climbs out of the recession, says Bureau Chief John Walcott.

-- Joan

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