Friday, June 11, 2010

Tell us how you'd clean up this oil disaster

We started today with the news (not surprising, sadly enough) that oil has been projectile-vomiting into the Gulf of Mexico at least twice as much "as previously thought." Thought by whom? Delusionary BP management? Please -- they know.

But what they still don't seem to know, after 52 days of disaster, is how to stop this. Why not try everything feasible? Even the wacky ideas deserve to be heard.

That's what this story by Bradenton/Miami Herald writers pointed out in Friday's editions. There are thousands of theories, inventions and proposed solutions. One of them has to work.

We want to hear your ideas. Send us an e-mail at We'll publish them next week.

-- Joan

A young hawksbill sea turtle before it was cleaned in Gulfport, Miss.

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Anonymous said...

I'd stuff Obama in the leak !
He has played golf,vacationed,partied, gone to concerts,state dinners...he ignored the leak