Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Manatee Beaches -- a lasting tribute

This e-mailer sent words to live by this morning:

Dear Mr. or Ms Jefferies,

I have never written before but felt compelled to write you regarding the photos in today's Bradenton.com website. I moved to Bradenton 11 years ago. I always thought that if I moved close to a beach that I would visit that beach as often as possible. Alas, due to work, family, etc., I find myself lacking in "me" time. After viewing your beautiful photos of Holmes Beach, I will be visiting the beach more often!

Thank you for the excellent photography!! I wish you much success in your career!


Hazel F. Griggs

This week marks the final gallery entry to "Our Manatee Beaches", Bradenton.com's special summer project that was spurred by the fear of oil on our beaches. The pages and galleries have been extremely popular with our viewers -- we set new daily records for online visitors with each one.

As Ms. Griggs recognized, photojournalist Grant Jefferies took ownership of this project, producing stunning galleries for the past three months. As a result, "Our Manatee Beaches" provides beautiful insight into Manatee County's natural resources. We plan to keep these live for plenty of viewing in the future. Thanks to all of you who added photos, viewed Grant's work, and sent them to friends via e-mail and Facebook.

-- Joan

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