Thursday, April 14, 2011

Newsroom best last week: Williams' release

This was breaking news at its best, with online and print elements that told such a powerful story.

Late Monday afternoon, we learned that Derrick Williams, in prison for 18 years, was going to be freed based on DNA evidence. We had a few hours to make the trek to Hardee County, but our cop reporter was already out on two stories.

Urban affairs reporter Toni Whitt grabbed the opportunity, despite an already-long day in the office, declaring, "We can't NOT have that story!"

Music to my ears.

Toni tracked down Paul Videla, who was ready to go with camera and video. And they captured the drama of the moment, first with a breaking news post, then for Tuesday's editions. Toni's story for print editions Tuesday, April 5, was packed with detail and emotion.

And Paul's photos and video, particularly the ones posted here, and his gallery spoke a million times over.

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