Sunday, October 28, 2007

About Tiffany and her Military Mom's blog

Tiffany Tompkins-Condie has a way of bounding into my office and putting the exclamation point in front of her first sentence. But she often has good cause –- and that certainly was the case when she came in to propose a new blog.

Tiffany is an aggressive photographer, a dedicated journalist who wants to capture everything in images. And she’s a mom. On this day, she had both hats on as she outlined her plan.

She wanted to make sure it was OK to “embed” herself with her son’s squadron. And I admit I did have a moment of hesitation. Photographers, more than anyone in a newsroom, lose their trepidation in dangerous situations. Something about that lens, between them and the scene unfolding in front of them, gives them a strange sense of protection. But there really wasn’t any danger in this, just strict oversight from her son’s superiors.

I remember the day Tiffany told me Daniel had joined the Marines. We both had tears in our eyes –- hers of pride, mine probably a mix of respect and fear. Now, he’s ready to take on his first overseas assignment. Tiffany has captured the moments in this awe-inspiring gallery: Here's a link:

And she has launched that blog: Manatee’s Military Moms

Just as Tiffany’s lens brings us the images of dedication and patriotism, her blog will offer a way for family and friends to connect. And it offers the rest of us a link to that world, regardless of our beliefs.



Annette Ayres said...

Tiffany rocked this multi-media presentation, and what a tribute to all the families who have sent their children off to serve our country. I've always admired Tiffany's talent as a photographer and I've enjoyed seeing that talent develop over the years. And I know she has a big heart, which will serve her well as she pursues this blog. I look forward to reading it and we'll keep all the young men & women in the service in our thoughts & prayers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for introducing one of your staff members. We look forward to meeting more over time.