Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A tail-wagging story

It began as a photograph published Sept. 10 in Gallery, the Herald's weekly showcase of favorite images taken by staff photographers. Paul Videla had snapped a shot (do photographers still ''snap'' shots in the Digital Age?) of a German shepherd holding a rubber toy.

Paul wrote that the Animal Network was seeking donations of extra-large and sturdy toys for big dogs, which often have longer waits before being adopted or placed with rescue organizations. (The German shepherd photographed was waiting to go to a shepherd rescue group.)

Well, it was as simple as that. The donations came pouring in, none more signifcant than from the Kids R Kids learning center, which collected at least $600 worth of toys and food for more than two weeks and presented them Monday to the Animal Network.

It's a great example of "Giving Back," a Herald feature that spotlights good deeds in our community. Check out Tiffany St. Martin's story, with photos by Grant Jefferies, in Tuesday's Herald and at Bradenton.com.
In case you missed the story,here’s a link:

The German shepherd, by the way, is now at Bishop Animal Shelter awaiting a new family. You can check on her status by calling 792-2863.


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Dog lover said...

Hey, did this pup ever find a home?