Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blind student's story should inspire, motivate all of us

Our 1A centerpiece story today in the Bradenton Herald is one of inspiration and perspective.

Education reporter Natalie Alund spent time last week with Gabrielle Lozano, a stellar culinary arts student at Manatee Technical Institute.

What makes this story so compelling is that Gabrielle is blind. With the help of photographer Grant Jefferies and videographer Paul Vidella, Natalie gives you a glimpse inside the world of a remarkable young woman and her aspirations.

Much as Gabrielle and her mom, Pam Lozano, approach life "eyes wide open," the Herald team reports the story as that unadorned daily miracle. Natalie's story, Grant's photos and Paul's video are a testament to Gabrielle's matter-of-fact determination.

-- Joan

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