Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We're beefing up our sports staff

Alan Dell, longtime sports correspondent in Manatee and Sarasota, has joined our staff as a sports writer/columnist. He weighed in today with coverage of Bradenton Christian's overtime victory that takes the boys' basketball team into region finals, and his "Sounding Off" column, which will be a regular feature on our Sports cover.

He started his career teaching journalism in Miami, and worked in Fort Myers and Minneapolis before coming to Manatee County in 1992. He brings a wealth of local sports knowledge to the Herald, teaming up with sports writer John Lembo.

And more help is on the way. Next week, Jason Dill joins the Herald full time as a community/preps sports writer. You've already seen his byline in the Herald occasionally over the past couple years as a correspondent. Jason earned a degree in broadcast journalism at Syracuse University, and graduated before that with honors from Manatee Community College.

So our bases are loaded, just in time for spring training.

-- Joan


Anonymous said...

Your parent company owns both the St. Pete Times and the Bradenton Herald. Why don't you just use the Sunday Sports from St. Pete Times for the Professional Sports and leave the local sports to the Bradenton Herald's staff. Duh!

Editor's Blog said...

Editor's note: Thanks to a casual agreement with the St. Petersburg Times, we do publish a healthy selection of college and pro sports stories by the Times sports writers in the Bradenton Herald. And that allows Herald writers to focus on local sports. But the Times is not a McClatchy-owned newspaper.

-- Joan

-- Joan