Friday, March 12, 2010

Now this is interactive journalism!

If you missed Vin Mannix's business centerpiece today, you should check it out on our homepage. It's a nice bright piece about two brothers, Matt and Dom Schole, who have moved their pastry cafe from Anna Maria Island into town.

Now their bakery, Matt & Dom’s, is open right next to the Shake Pit in Bradenton, and business is already brisk after just a week.

What Vin didn't reveal in his story is bared in Paul Videla's video. Vin Mannix, decorating a cake -- with Paul's deft help. Yep, I wouldn't lie to you. What's more, we gobbled it up back in the newsroom in no time. And lived to tell about it.

True, newsroom junkies are known to eat anything. But it was yummy. And fun.

Here's the video, for giggles.
-- Joan

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