Monday, March 29, 2010

Searching just got easier

If you haven't used the search engine on for a while, check it out. You'll find your exploration much easier.

We use Planet Discover -- according to its website, "Planet Discover helps media companies, online portals and content distributors enable content through integrated search and advertising technologies." All I know is, searching our web site used to be, well, frankly, quite frustrating. Now, with the latest upgrade, it's actually very useful -- and faster.

Here are some of the improvements, according to our web developer Richard McNeil:
Longer (full) web headlines for stories
Short story summary, making it easier to find and read your choice
Dated entries, starting with the most recent
Photos appear with story
Search by relevance, by date or by category
Itemized count on results

If you can't find a certain story, shoot us an email. If it's supposed to be online, we'll help you find it.

Richard McNeil

Joan Krauter

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