Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Celebrating Dad in our Father's Day Contest

Your Dad is the best because:

 "He always makes me smile!"

  "He is always the one to pick me up when I fall down."

  "He is always here for us when we need him. He always will be."

   "He always supports me in everything I do and is always there for me when i need him!"

These are the first four entries in our newest online contest at Choosing your entry might be the toughest part, as you look at the competition lining up. We're asking you to submit your favorite photo of Dad -- and most have included the nominee -- and include the reason why your Dad is the best. (Your memories of Dad will also be cherished, and ovations to your significant other are welcome -- as I will be doing this Father's Day...)

There aren't any losers, just a few luckier winners than others. All will be added to this photo gallery as they are submitted, too. The three top prizes:
$50 Gift Card at Crowder Bros. Ace Hardware
$50 Gift Card at Backyards N More
$50 Gift Card at American Car Care Center

Bradenton Herald's Digital News Director William Winter modeled it after -- what else -- our successful  Mother’s Day Photo Contest,  in which readers submitted a picture of their mom along with the best advice she ever gave them. An interesting tidbit: almost 40 percent entered their photos via a mobile device. Thousands of you viewed the contest pages before we chose 

Amanda Huffman, right, and her mother, Sharon Guerra

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these three beautiful winners, featured in this A&E cover story by features writer Marty Clear.

Melina Adkins, right, of Sarasota, honored her mother Amelia Alanis

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Tiffany Velez, with her baby, Ray,