Thursday, January 30, 2014

A new day for 'no-kill' news -- it's very much alive

Some passionate pleas are streaming in tonight, asking the Bradenton Herald to keep publishing the popular "A View to No-Kill" column by Manatee County's Animal Services Director Kris Weiskopf.

I need to get the word out: We didn't "kill" the "no-kill" column. Kris has written this weekly column for the Herald for almost three years, and it has been a great run. But that venue has run its course, Kris and I agreed last week.

That said, the Herald is still committed to the no-kill mission, as we have stated in so many columns and editorials. We will continue to get the word out -- through our photo galleries of pets ready for adoption, through our weekly Neighbors feature of "Pets of the Week," through news stories -- and, as Kris agrees, an occasional column or news update as warranted. And the archives will stay live on

We want to try a fresh approach -- to accomplish exactly what you are imploring in your letters tonight, but to focus on the animals, and news as it develops. If anything, your emails prove that this has been -- and will be -- an important community mission.

Here are some of your heartfelt thoughts:

Please choose to be a voice for these helpless and homeless creatures that God has entrusted to us by allowing the column to continue.
-- Caryn Hodge

 I am a volunteer for MCAS and was inspired to become a volunteer because of that column. We need as many residents of Manatee County to support the no-kill policy as we can get..
-- Joyce Jordan
Thank you, in advance, for supporting the shelter, and OUR COUNTY animals.......more adoptions are the responsibility of all of us!
-- Jo Marble
 The community needs to hear what is happening at the shelter! People need to understand that there is a pet overpopulation problem and that it is imperative to have pets spayed and neutered! 
--Margo Williams
 We have too many perfectly healthy and adoptable animals being put to death in this county. Our county shelter (and the pets!) need all the publicity they can get.
-- Rennie Finck 

I volunteer my time, I don't have extra funds to give to the shelter. This is a community issue. Please keep helping all the animals find there forever homes. -- Lisa Malone

 I go to the shelter 2 days a week to walk the dogs. The column helps get animals adopted, so the county doesn't have to kill the animals. 
--Jeff Goss  

After all, our dogs and cats are family. Two videos have brought me to tears this week -- and each one starred an amazing puppy.

Carol Whitmore sent this one: 'If you only read one thing today, read this.' And you really, really must.

And on the lighter side, I love Budweiser's Super Bowl commercial, "Puppy Love,"

We -- and our furry friends -- are so fortunate that so many people care. Let's work together to keep the community informed, and look for lively ways to engage even more readers.