Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Readers, thanks for calling to 'Celebrate'

We published our eighth annual edition of "Celebrate Bradenton" this past Sunday, and it's a refreshingly bright magazine, thanks in large part to Features Editor Jana Morreale. Each year she motivates the staff to find the good in Bradenton. And they found plenty this year.

New businesses. New wildlife preserves. New theater. Rejuvenated McKechnie Field, Riverwalk and Village of the Arts. Hey, and the new Bradenton Herald digs at 1111 Third Ave. W.!

I've received several surprising calls about my column in the section -- the biggest surprise was that the callers weren't critical. Each one wanted to share what they celebrate about Bradenton -- especially if I didn't mention it. They all mentioned one that I didn't: South Florida Museum and Snooty, our favorite manatee in Manatee. Their list of favorite restaurants is extensive. Anything outdoors. And what about the beach??

Thanks for taking the time to call, because it made me realize my biggest omission: Our readers. You are absolutely the best reason for us to "Celebrate Bradenton."