Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Morning Coming Down #2

Good morning, it's Sunday, September 16. And how are you spending your day?

In Monday's Herald we run a short feature called "7-for-7'' in which we look at the week ahead and point out events and things of interest for readers. I mention this today because one of the features of 7-for-7 is a category called "Summer of Love flashback,'' and I happen to be having one right now, a SOLF that is. There's this song in my head and I ... well, you know what that's like.

Now, while it's true you have to be nearly as old as me to have an official SOLF, anybody can Google a few key words and you're almost there -- in bellbottoms.

I just found the video and audio of the song on YouTube -- I'm listening to and watching Spanky & Our Gang perform "Sunday Will Never Be the Same''. Another click and you have the lyrics (which don't agree from site to site), the chart position (Billboard No. 9), even the guitar chords. Just about everything you'd want to know about the song is available (including: Terry Cashman of "Talkin' Baseball'' fame co-wrote the lyrics).

But nowhere did I find a warning that the catchy "la-la-la-la-da'' intro melody will be impossible to get out of my head.

Even so, not a bad way to start the day.


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Anonymous said...

Nothing like a SOLM wherever you are this morning.