Thursday, September 20, 2007

This morning's paper, updated online

Well, our 1A centerpiece in today’s newspaper got hit with a rain delay. But it provides a good example of how complements the Bradenton Herald.

The story heralds the return of “Get Down Downtown” after the event's hiatus during hot summer months. Reporter Melanie Marquez captured the anticipation of every Old Main Street merchant awaiting the crowds bringing in good business tonight. She updated how the local business owners have taken over the monthly event, working together in a partnership to give residents more reasons to come to downtown Bradenton.

But outdoor events in Florida always have that weather asterisk, and the storm clouds have gathered. So when organizers canceled the event just a little while ago, we didn’t have to wait until tomorrow’s editions to let you know. We posted the cancellation notice online just a few minutes after it was announced at noon.

The good news: The “Get Down Downtown” crew will try again next Thursday evening (Sept. 27). From your comments online, you are ready to get back downtown. Don’t let a little rain stop you!


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Anonymous said...

It's still raining! Let's have the celebration regardless.