Saturday, September 15, 2007

We're tired of O.J., too

There he is again in the news. He even made the front page of the Herald (and we invite your feedback on our news decision).

This time the dateline is Las Vegas -- yes, the tired act known as O.J. Simpson has now become a Vegas punchline -- and the latest questionable deed involves stolen memorabilia.

Who would want O.J.'s memorabilia anyway? Sure, it would be cool to own the jersey of a Heisman Trophy winner, but wouldn't it be almost freakish to have a jersey once worn by Simpson? Would you really want to be anywhere near that DNA?

It's easy to believe that collectors and fans might be interested in divesting themselves of his memorabilia. I just can't imagine there would be any takers. Except for O.J., of course.


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