Thursday, November 29, 2007

A new entertaining Herald blog

Our Editors’ Blog is getting some entertaining company on

A trio of Bradenton Herald features department staffers –- editor Jana Morreale, and reporters Bobbie Nelson and January Holmes -- launched our “Buzz Worthy” blog this week.

They promise to entertain and inform all of us with tidbits and pithy insights on everything from the local arts and entertainment world, to the national stage when it’s abuzz.

Here's how you find it from our home page. Click on this link or Entertainment from the home page's left rail, and you'll find the prominent blog logo.

Or bookmark this, and you'll be there whenever you need.

You’ll learn more about their interests -- and, well, their quirks as they get more comfortable writing to you. So please, let them know what you’re thinking.

Today, Jana challenges us to dump any Scrooge vibes as the holidays consume us, and instead celebrate our blessings. What better way than to highlight the best lights in town -– Christmas, that is. Send your favorites to

The Herald Features crew plans to blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Be there. Check out the blog -- and while you're at it, send Jana and the rest of us your thoughts.

We’ll keep updating you as we add more blogs and interactive features to A reminder that sports writer/columnist Roger Mooney has two blogs on our Sports page:

The Strike Zone on baseball,


The End Zone on football,

OK, Roger, this executive editor wants to know: When are you going to blog on that miracle No. 1 team, the Missouri Tigers?! No pressure from this Mizzou journalism alum…

Go Tigers!


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