Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday's Letter from the Editor

What is it like to see the future flash before our eyes?


It's always that way when Manatee County's top high school students take the stage for the Golden Herald Awards.

We might as well add humbling.

That's the beginning of today's Letter from the Editor, commemorating a grand event last Thursday. For the past 31 years, the Bradenton Herald has honored the best and brightest of our high school seniors. We've been honored to be part of the event for the past nine years. Each time, our faith is renewed in this community's future.

As we were leaving, co-sponsor Todd Hoskins of AutoWay Ford stood with his wife and son outside of Bradenton Auditorium, still grinning from the thrill of giving Dacia Thompson the lucky prize of a Ford Mustang lease. In just seven more years, his son expects to be among those seniors on the stage.

That's great promise -- that every year, we'll continue to watch outstanding students launch into their future, with well-earned recognition. Here's to Manatee County's future.

Joan & Jim

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