Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Check out our e-newsletters

Here’s an update on the e-newsletters we’re sending out regularly from –- and a nudge to sign up for the regular blasts. (I didn’t even know we had already launched a couple of these, so consider this a shared nudge.) Here's a link to register.

The e-mail blasts are a gentle reminder to check on the latest news or business headlines -- or take a break and think about food and wine! Before I signed on for the news e-letters several months ago, I thought they might feel too much like a chore every day. But they actually end up saving time by saving me a search for the links to stories or blogs I should read.

What we offer today:

The 8 a.m. Morning News e-letter:
It contains all the local news from that day’s edition of the Bradenton/LWR Herald.

The 4 p.m. Update:
This offers you a roundup of the day’s local news, and a preview of some key local stories that will appear in tomorrow’s print edition.

Breaking News alerts:
These are sent by our metro editors throughout the day, alerting you to developments in key local stories, significant new local stories and, sometimes, national/international breaking news.

Daily Business E-Buzz
This is a collection of the day's local business news, stocks, the latest local columnists and new posts on Business Reporter Brian Neill’s blog, Taking Stock.

Taste Newsletter
A weekly look at food and wine coverage highlighting local events, local tips from our staff, and insights from local foodies and connoisseurs.

Stay tuned, too, for three more that will launch soon:

Moms of Manatee
When we launch our new website, the related e-letter will include all the advice, questions and information from local women about becoming a mom and being a mom.

Real Estate Newsletter
This will include local real estate news updates from reporters and reports from industry insiders. Blogs, photos and more.

Have ideas for other e-letters you’d like to receive from Let us know.


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