Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September means football, Pigskin Picks

Despite my protests that it's prime baseball season, there's nowhere to hide from the onslaught of football. The stats are already getting inked for high school and college teams, and the big guys are lined up for this weekend.

And Pigskin Picks are back in the Bradenton Herald, bigger and better than ever. We have lined up our local high school coaches to put their picks out there for college games and the NFL each week. Check out today's sports section on Page 5D for the first full lineup. As of late this morning, the ballots were already starting to come in.

Here is our online component with even more picks. As the promo challenges: Are you ready for some football? Each week, the winnings are $100 for first place,$50 for second and $25 for third. And the coach with the best record this season gets $1,000 donated to their high school from Lakewood Ranch Dental.

Good luck, all!


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