Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How will stimulus package help Manatee?

Trying to get your mind around $787 billion can be stimulating -- at least if there's a chance some of it makes its way to your needs. And that's what every local leader is hoping.

As details spill out on the plan now signed by President Obama, the Herald's reporters are digging into what will make its way to Manatee County. In today's report, Donna Wright looks at how the law could make child care, housing and nutritional services for the elderly more accessible for Manatee families. Reporters Duane Marsteller and Sylvia Lim are analyzing the impact on transportation and education. And our Washington and Tallahassee reporters are keeping watchdog on how our elected officials direct Florida's allotted money.

This needs all of our questions, thoughts and analysis. We're posting many of the stories and databases here at Send us your questions -- we'll help you ask our officials for the answers.

Here are numbers projected for Florida (Source: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office):

206,000 -- Jobs created or saved
6.89 million families -- Eligible for new tax credits
$2.7 billion -- To help the state budget
$1.8 billion -- For transportation projects
169,784 -- Unemployment recipients receiving extended benefits
$100.1 million -- Potential increased funding for enforcing child support payments
$65.7 million -- New funding to help homeless families

-- Joan

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Anonymous said...

The one thing you failed to mention is that we are getting back only a fraction of what it will cost us. Not a good return on investment. If we wanted money for all those projects, we would be much further ahead if we bonded the money and spent it ourself.