Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sending old-fashioned hugs on Mom's Day

Blogging about moms and Mother's Day is quite a non sequitur for me. You see, my mother has never owned or even used a computer. Never had one inside the house, I'd wager. So unless my brother takes her a printout of this, I'm on safe turf.

Never. Moms always know, you know. Whatever I write here somehow reflects on that bond I have with my mom -- the bond every human being has with his or her mom, whether it's joyful, painful, blessed or bewildering. Moms do that to their kids.

That's reflected in the Mother's Day words sprinkled in the Herald today. Columnist Vin lost his mom last year, and he writes a reflective, personal column today about the last journey he has planned with his mom, to Ireland.

Reporter January Holmes captured the sheer selflessness of so many moms, in her A&E feature asking local moms what they wanted on their day. Their wishes are laced with longings for more family time rather than tangible gifts.

And photojournalist Tiffany Tompkins-Condie forces us to pause and think about the unthinkable in her Mother's Day blog this morning. She writes about two moms who have lost their Marine sons in a helicopter crash. That loss redefines the selfless acts of motherhood.

But more than anything, today is a day to celebrate Moms everywhere. Whether their children are near or far (Alissa, I don't think there's a place farther from Bradenton than New Zealand!!), my wish for all moms is a hug and a kiss from a loved one today.

Happy Mother's Day.

-- Joan

(p.s. Thanks to neighbors George & John for the hilarious card from Joey Krauter to his mom!)

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