Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No clear answer yet on getting swine flu vaccine

Some Manatee County physicians will receive their allotment of the swine flu vaccine today -- although there are only 600 of the nasal spray doses to go around in this first batch, as reported in today's story.

That seems unfairly low,especially since the county requested 1,700 doses, but no one outside of Tallahassee seems to know exactly how they're being doled out.

(AFTERNOON UPDATE: In addition to the 600 vaccines, the county learned today that the state has shipped 2,200 directly to private health providers throughout Manatee County who requested more than 100 doses and had their request approved by the health department. And they hope for more as soon as Friday.)

The medical jury is still out on the vaccine's effectiveness. Heck, sitting in my own doctors' waiting room the other day, the doctors in that office are divided on whether to get a vaccine, or wait for more research. And the nurse who took my blood insisted she wasn't going to take the risk -- she'd rather wear a mask.

But the threat is real, and the flu season is just starting. Ronald Cox, Manatee County Health Department’s director of epidemiology, is keeping us updated on any developments here. And you can check the Center for Disease Control's website for weekly national and international updates.

-- Joan

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