Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How cold is cold? It really feels like winter

There's no snow on the ground, you can't really see your breath in the chilly air, and mittens remain overkill. After spending a week up North where those statements are heresy, I didn't think our cold snap here in Florida would make much in headlines.

But Ol' Man Winter has his grip on us, as Richard Dymond updates in today's story. And the Associated Press reminds us in this story that Florida farmers are working to salvage millions of dollars' worth of crops -- to say nothing of the sun-seeking tourists who are wondering if they packed the chilly temperatures with them. Still, this AP video starts in Wisconsin, where cold means cold -- double-digit temperatures out of the teens would be a heat wave.

You can get the latest local weather at Guess what? A quick glance at 8 a.m. today registered the temp at 32 -- cold enough to snow right here in Manatee County!

I wish I could have brought that back in my suitcase, if only for a day!

-- Joan

Close, but not quite --
Anthony Tiona sent us photos today of his parents' frosty yard in Bradenton this morning, including this one:

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