Friday, May 14, 2010

Golden Herald winners = awesome, again

One of the most important events we do came around again last night -- the 33rd annual Golden Herald Awards Banquet. Wow. Every year, I'm reminded that our community is filled with truly amazing, gifted, bright and dedicated teenagers.

This year was no exception. It might have been a record crowd, too, as the audience filled every seat on the Bradenton City Auditorium's floor and throughout the balconies. And they stayed until the last award was announced, almost three hours later.

We've listed the top winners and the runners-up here and in today's Herald. The Herald's Michele Slaughter took tons of photos, including these posted in this gallery. And on Sunday, we'll publish special tribute pages in the Herald with all nominees.

Congratulations to each of you, your families and your friends. And thank you for sharing your accomplishments with all of us. You have touched so many lives already.

-- Joan

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