Thursday, August 19, 2010

Facebook fan notes 'good news' was buried

Facebook gives readers another way to critique both the Bradenton Herald and One of our fans made a good point today:
(name) is extremely disappointed in the Bradenton Herald for choosing to run Bill Evers' complaining as a front page story. And making the fact that City Council voted to extend the CRA to include the Players & Rossi Park (a hugely positive move for our community) merely a footnote at the end of the column. Sensationalism over substance? C'mon're better than that.

We agree -- reporter Tim Wolfrum was under the gun with two other stories, and ended up including the CRA's news with the election story. So here's the headline now broken out separately, and a link to January Holmes' previous story.


mgeorge29 said...

Great move. Thank you Bradenton Herald.

Dickson said...

I use facebook very less... Am I from Mars?? :(