Friday, January 21, 2011

Are you on our webcam at the fair?

If you're going to the Manatee County Fair this weekend, look for the Herald's camera. You could be spotted on our new webcam!

After some hard work by Fair Manager Dan West, Bright House techies and the Herald's web developer William Winter, we have a bird's-eye view streaming onto It's a simple model, snapping a new picture every 30 seconds and sending it to our site for viewing. But we hope it's great fun for the last two days of the fair.

See if you can find the "magic circle" right below the camera out there and wave. It's on a utility pole adjacent to the Chaires Building/Arts & Crafts Department, facing southeast toward the Midway.

To date, our online readers have LOVED all things Manatee County Fair, with four photo galleries being the most popular with tens of thousands of page views:

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