Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Say a prayer for Sister Nora

Reaction to Vin Mannix's coverage today on the outrageous beating of Sister Nora Brick has been swift and furious.

The 81-year-old nun, reknowned for her acts of kindness throughout the community, was beaten so badly that she has been hospitalized. As the news spread, well-wishers have swamped Manatee Memorial Hospital with cards, flowers and gifts -- so many that the hospital is turning people away. Hundreds of people at the Manatee Community Foundation's annual Spirit of Manatee Awards luncheon today bowed their heads in prayer for Sister Nora. And we heard from newspapers as far away as Ireland, with requests for photos from The Irish Sun on Bishops Square in Dublin.

Metro Editor Marc Masferrer posted this informative blog yesterday, explaining why we named a victim in this instance. It was a decision made only after much discussion, as he notes. Based on the outpouring of care as a result, the decision proved sound.

Tiffany Tompkins-Condie's photo illustrates only the beginning donations at Stillpoint House of Prayer, where Sister Nora Brick prays.


Marie said...

I have met sister Nora and help with donations and time! I felt her strong spirit and presents of Christ ! I gVe a few dollars to a man outside of stillpoint once, he told me not to tell sister Nora! I now understand why! Sister Nora gives to everyone no matter what the background ! I'm sure that this man took out his angry on her because he could not of with anyone else! He will now have to live with knowing he has beaten the only one who loved him on this earth unconditionally! We as humans take out our pain on our loved ones! I know that sister Nora forgives but maybe it's time for us all to help sister Nora carry the cross, God knows it's getting heavy in these hard times!

Anonymous said...

Sister Nora will be in my prayers. The fact that someone could hurt a person like that is tragic proof that more prayers are needed for the souls of the wicked. I hope he is captured and brought to justice. That she can forgive so easily is a testiment to her faith. God will see her through.

ernie said...

Very... Nicee... Blog.. I really appreciate it... Thanks..:-)

Schleppen said...

May God Bless Sister Nora with regaining her health. She is an inspirational spirit, a rare wondrous miracle that walks this earth. Nothing surprises me in this ever growing wicked world, but this saddens me so. Many of us are praying for you Sister Nora.