Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Manatee Avenue IS a hellish mess!

Journalists and caffeine make natural soul mates. Hence, the Starbucks cattycorner to the Bradenton Herald gets steady business from our newsroom.

Wait. That means you have to cross Manatee Avenue. What was I thinking this morning?

Nothing like first-hand experience to confirm what you read in the newspaper: Manatee Avenue is a nightmare.

As reporter Duane Marsteller spelled out in today's story, motorists will have to contend with the downtown construction zone for at least another four months.

Four months of this?! Photographer Tiffany Tompkins-Condie captured just how torturous this is in her photographs. And there's not even relief after they're done with "the boulevard." Right after that, Marsteller reports, work will begin on resurfacing Manatee Avenue’s eastbound twin, Sixth Avenue West, between 10th and 15th streets.

Sure, we've been spoiled. Ever drive in Chicago's rush hour? But right now, I'm in the camp asking why we're messing with our main drag in the middle of season. If it's not broke... geesh.


Anonymous said...

Down on the boulevard they're taking it hard...

Anonymous said...

I now take the long way home from work, rather then face that mess every afternoon. The timeing for this project could not be worse.