Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chronicling Manatee's Civil War veterans

Manatee County is rich in history, and our reporters revel in uncovering untold stories from decades past.

In Sunday's editions, columnist Vin Mannix explores one of those stories through the discoveries of a local historian.

More than 100 known Civil War veterans are interred in more than two dozen cemeteries throughout Manatee County. The majority of those veterans fought for the Confederacy, as Vin reports. And chronicling their histories has been Joe Kennedy’s passion.

Vin worked with staff photograher/videographer Paul Videla to chronicle Kennedy's research. As they came to the final production hours for an accompanying video, Paul needed a narrator. Here's a great snapshot into how stars aligned for their project, as Vin told me:

When I wrote the obit on “Miz Mac,” Virginia Rood McInnis, one of the folks I interviewed was Tina Crawford.
During our conversation, I couldn’t help noticing her delightful Southern accent.
She told me she’s from Phenix City, Ala.
That was Tuesday.
That night, Paul had an idea for a video voiceover on the cemetery story we’ve worked up about the 100-plus Civil War veterans interred around Manatee County.
He asked if I knew anybody with a Southern accent.
Sure do.
I called Tina, ran the idea by her and she came in Wednesday to read down the names while Paul recorded her.
She was perfect.

Listen for yourself. This is definitely one for the scrapbooks.

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