Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kristofferson package tops week's best list

Topping my list of "Best ofs" for May 2-8 was Wade Tatangelo’s in-depth profile of Kris Kristofferson in Weekend. Wade had a fantastic phone interview with Kristofferson, who talked frankly and freely about his compelling life story. Wade wove the legend's timeless songs and the memorable characters he has played on screen throughout.

Wade followed with his Sunday A&E column on his favorite Kristofferson songs and with his BuzzWorthy blog entry on the top Kristofferson covers.

The story did great online, and was one of McClatchy-Tribune wire services' top headlines of the day.

Also making the Best list:
A great duo on last week's deluge Thursday, with photographer Grant Jefferies' tricky shot from the middle of Manatee Avenue, and Night Metro Editor Brent Conklin's clever headline: "Manatee Avenue Wet"

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