Saturday, September 17, 2011

Seeking suspects in Palmetto slayings

Violent crime smacked this community exactly one week ago, and it's fighting back -- that's the only option.

That's the dire consensus of everyone we ask, but people in the know still aren't talking enough. That's the only way to stop such gangstyle violence that ripped through Palmetto last weekend. And yet there are still no arrests (best case scenario: This blog is trumped soon by the arrest of a suspect in the killing of two people and 22 wounded).

We fervently hope this weekend is peaceful. It still will be painful, as both victims from the shooting are buried today. Herald reporter Paradise Afshar and photographer Grant Jefferies will be monitoring and covering this throughout the day, with the families' permission.

The community's response to date:

A violent crime task force as reported in today's story.

Vigils throughout the weekend, including this one Friday night.

Ministers gathering Monday.

Videos asking for community cooperation (see below).

Funds topping $20,000 to encourage tipsters.

We will continue to cover and report every turn in this story, with the overarching goal to help keep our staff and this community safe.

Paul Videla/ Vigil Friday night as no one is arrested yet in mass shooting one week ago.

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