Friday, January 20, 2012

Gov. Scott makes some news in the Herald

Newsy day here in Bradenton -- and in the Bradenton Herald. Gov. Rick Scott flew in specifically to meet with our editorial board. He spent an hour discussing a wide range of topics, including economic development, jobs, merit pay for teachers, health care, the port and lessons learned from his first year in office. Herald photographer Paul Videla photographed the governor, while East Manatee Editor Jim Jones shot video.

But Metro Editor Marc Masferrer threw him the question that made for the most interesting headline out of the discussion: Who did he plan to endorse in the Florida GOP presidential primary?

"I haven't made a decision, but I'm leaning towards not to do it," Scott told us.

Great fodder for tweets, a breaking news story, Facebook and political blogs. Talk about multi-tasking. And Jim produced a great video grab from the entire discussion (see below).

And then the governor held his scheduled press conference on the state's unemployment rate dropping in Florida from the Herald. Business reporter Josh Salman dropped the conference call and grabbed the story live.

Not a bad morning!

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