Friday, February 17, 2012

Capturing the spirit of volunteerism

One of the sweetest blogs this week was by Herald columnist Vin Mannix on his "Mannix on Manatee" blog. He captured the most touching moment of the Spirit of Manatee Awards on Wednesday, which we both attended.

Chris and Sue Egler were among those honored for exemplary service for our local non-profit organizations, seen here in Paul Videla's photo. They were recognized for their "Volunteer Spirit" -- and it may be the most deserved award in a long time. Chris was diagnosed with cancer last year, and he has already outlived the doctors' prognoses. And he hasn't stopped giving.

Chris threw out the challenge to the event's record crowd: Volunteer. Give. Remember the power of the individual.

The standing ovation he received was a most promising sign.

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