Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wrong cover image -- right redesign

We needed a copy editor with a lot more country twang in 'em this week. Heck, even a homegrown Nashville native might not have saved us on this one.

Features Editor Jana Morreale has been working all hours to redesign Weekend, our weekly entertainment section published every Thursday. The old design, with that round "W", was tired. Jana's goal: to design something bolder, more straightforward, clean.

And she pulled it off, no help needed. So we were ready to celebrate Thursday morning as the new magazine hit the stands.

That's when the phones started to ring, and commenters hit the cover story on

That fabulous new cover boasted quite a handsome country singer -- just not the singer features writer Wade Tatangelo had featured.

Those in the know let us know: That photo was established country star Eric Church, not rising country star Jerrod Niemann, who was coming to Bradenton for a performance at Joyland. (I now have both their names in my vocabulary for the first time...)

How could this happen? A few hours later, we had our extremely apologetic answer from the Nashville publicist:
OMG I am so sorry I have no idea how this happened. I was clearly working entirely too fast. The “singerSonJerrod” photo is Jerrod – the other two are our client, Eric Church. Please accept my sincere regrets. Correct photos of Jerrod are attached… I will accept total responsibility.

The new magic? We were able to send a corrected cover to our e-edition, and get the right photos attached to Wade's feature online.

And, Jana, we love your new design. But about that country music...

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