Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vying for top viewing on

Metro/Online Editor Marc Masferrer has started informative, motivating and somewhat competitive online updates throughout the day for the Herald newsroom.

He starts the day sharing which galleries and stories have been viewed the most on from the past 24 hours. And he then sends updates just before noon, mid-afternoon and then closing out the day.

It's a great tool for reporters and photographers to see how their stories and galleries are doing online, and to check for updates or additional assets. Marc sends out the Top 10 overall, and the Top 10 galleries with one caveat: He excludes the criminal mugshot galleries, because they ALWAYS are among the most-viewed (sigh).

The links are live in his emails -- here's how we're doing as of noon today:

Top 10 overall:

1. Tomato glut hurting Manatee growers

Top 10 galleries:

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