Thursday, May 31, 2012

Showing the boss that smart phones pay off

How to convince your publisher that the newsroom is making good use of the smart phones he's paying for?

The reporter/columnist shows off in front of him at a United Way annual luncheon awards ceremony, using his smart phone to shoot video as the new CEO of United Way-Manatee gives his first official welcome speech.

And the new CEO of United Way starts a striptease right in the middle of his speech. Got it. Posted.

All for a good cause, as columnist Vin Mannix wrote in his story today. CEO Philip Brown took off the first few layers to reveal his "Live United" T-shirt, and won over the crowd in the process.

And Vin got a round of applause from Publisher Bob Turner for capturing the moment -- in a tweet, in audio, in his story and, drum roll please, THE VIDEO.

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