Sunday, August 11, 2013

Start your week with a smile

Herald columnist Vin Mannix penned an inspiring story last week about Krizzel Cruz, the first student to actually graduate from PACE Center for Girls. PACE helps turn troubled girls into confident young women, sending them back into the mainstream school system when they're ready. Krizzel decided she needed more time there, though, and the folks at PACE embraced her.

"It's like a family," she told Vin and reporter Jessica De Leon, who joined the interview to talk with Krizzel in Spanish. "They know you here and it's like a team pushing you on."

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Vin's story published in print on Friday -- marking a historic day for PACE service awards, with their No. 1 graduate. Just a few hours after the ceremony, PACE executive director Amy Wick-Mavis emailed Vin a huge thank you, copying me and attaching this photo of Krizzel, holding a copy of Friday's Bradenton Herald.
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It's such a joy to share in this graduate's joy. And it's testament to how much a single story can bring joy to people's lives. Thank you, Vin.

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