Monday, December 24, 2007

A (very) white Christmas

Greetings from the beautiful but frigid Midwest!

I awakened this morning to the clopping sound of horses' hooves. The Amish seem to have no trouble traveling through this winter wonderland. Those of us attempting to travel in motorized vehicles, however...

The weather advisory last night called driving conditions "treacherous to impossible.'' Think about that today as you make your way around Manatee County to do some last-minute shopping.

Here in west central Wisconsin, the temperature had risen this morning to a balmy 18 degrees. About 10 inches of snow has fallen since Saturday. No need to dream about a white Christmas here. We're all set!

It's enjoyable to read and keep up with the news from afar. My sister couldn't believe the debate raging over smoking on the beach. A non-smoker, she was certain she would be able tolerate a butt or two for the opportunity to lounge on Anna Maria Island this afternoon.

We're bundling up now to head out and feed the horses. If the roads are clear we'll probably head into town for a latte at the coffee shop. Church is at 4 p.m., and the Christmas carols will again be sung in Norwegian. Yes, they do have a different perspective on things in these parts.

But one thought is universal: Holiday greetings and best wishes to all!


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Anonymous said...

I'm sure the snow and low temps are caused by global warming