Sunday, January 13, 2008

Did you notice the new look?

Whether you picked up a copy of the Bradenton Herald or the Lakewood Ranch Herald this Sunday morning, you probably noticed a new look. (And if you didn't notice, that's OK. Grab a paper from earlier in the week and compare them.)

Both Heralds have shed their solid blue mastheads. Before this change, the masthead type -- either "Bradenton Herald''or ''Lakewood Ranch Herald'' -- was printed inside the blue block in white letters.

In today's Bradenton edition, the masthead type returns to the more traditional black, in capital letters. Meanwhile, the Lakewood Ranch Herald changes to a green type, in upper-lower case.

Another subtle change worth mentioning: The thick red rule that anchored both masts has been changed, to blue in Bradenton and tan in LWR. And all our inside section masts changed from red to blue.

Why the change between the papers? While both are editions of the Bradenton Herald, we think it is important to make a stronger distinction between Bradenton and LWR. After all, the identities of each paper are becoming more distinct each day as we strengthen our zoning effort between editions and better tailor the news to each audience. Having a different "look'' merely supports that distinction.

We hope you approve of the changes. Either way, let us know.


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