Thursday, January 24, 2008

Suffering from electyle dysfunction?

Take nothing away from the Republican presidential candidates who have been criss-crossing Florida all week drumming up support for Tuesday's primary. There's plenty of intrigue in the GOP race, with no clear frontrunner in sight.

We'll be covering local appearances by Mike Huckabee and Rudy Giuliani this weekend, just as we caught up with Mitt Romney Wednesday in Lakewood Ranch. We'll also be keeping tabs on John McCain, who appears to be the biggest challenger to Romney in the Sunshine State.

But we suspect there's more interest in a fundraising event for Hillary Clinton on Sunday at a private home in Sarasota. Although the Dems promised to sidestep Florida this week, Clinton is here to drum up more financial support for her campaign.

And, frankly, the feuding going on between Clinton and Barrack Obama — and Bill Clinton's growing involvement in his wife's campaign — is generating more intrigue and headlines than all the posturing being done in the Republican camps. In that respect, South Carolina's Democratic primary Saturday has more appeal than the stumping in Florida.

As one of our posters to lamented: "I'm suffering from electyle disfunction (sic) ... I can't get a rise over any of the candidates.''

Maybe things will change here by Tuesday, after the dust has settled in South Carolina. All we know for sure: It's a long way to November...



Anonymous said...

I'm the one that wrote "I'm suffering from electyle dysfunction!" Thank you for correcting my spelling! I wish there was a way to edit comments once you have submitted them. I forgot to sign my name, too!

Trouble-maker said...

Typical newspaper strategy -- ignore the interests of your readers and focus on the liberal left-wingers. I'll bet Hillary will be on your front page more than any Republican over the next 5 days!
And where's my NASCAR coverage, bubba?

Wally gator said...

"Electyle disfunction"??? I would think many of your readers would be offended by this disrespectful play on words, a lame attempt at humor at the expense of those suffering from a serious, life-changing condition.

Sammy Seminole said...

Who cares what a bunch of over-the-hill, prudish old Gators fans think?
Drink 'um much firewater, hug the squaw and never have to worry about disfunction, electile or otherwise!

Read to cancel my paper said...

I would have expected more from an editor. I don't know what is going on over there at the Bradenton Herald but you guys better get your act together.