Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We goofed on today's jump page

We’ve had calls from a number of readers this morning, looking for the rest of reporter Sylvia Lim’s story about the preservation of Bradenton’s Pillsbury Temple Mound. The story starts on 1A, refers readers to 4A – and it’s not there. And that’s definitely not the end of the story.

What happened? In the crunch of deadline, the updated Page 4A never got on the press for the Bradenton edition. (Our Lakewood Ranch readers found Lim’s report in entirety on Page 2C.) The power-story jump on 4A in the Bradenton edition is missing a couple lines, and the jump to the courthouse security repeats several paragraphs. But they are there.

Lim's mound story was a significant development in efforts to preserve the mound, with Gov. Charlie Crist and the Florida Cabinet throwing their support to preservation -- making it eligible for state funding. Lim initially broke the story last year when efforts to develop the property surfaced, and she has doggedly investigated the issue since. Her reporting has been credited, in part, for continued recognition of the mound’s significance.

Needless to say, we have one disappointed reporter today. We’ll republish the story in Thursday’s local section, with any updates if warranted. And while we wish we had gotten it right in the first place, we’re glad we’re getting the calls. Readers want the rest of the story.

Here’s a link.

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