Friday, February 8, 2008

Welcome back, Pirates

Be sure to check out reporter Roger Mooney's feature today on the grand history of the Pittsburgh Pirates, who return this week for their 40th season of spring training in Bradenton. (You'll also find the Grapefruit League schedules.)

We can hardly wait for baseball to return to McKechnie Field. Folks up north anxiously await the return of the robins -- the first sure sign of spring. Well, spring comes to us with the sharp crack of the bat. We never get over the excitement of having Major League Baseball in town for a month.

We'll dig out the old glove, slap on a coat of suntan lotion and head out to the ballpark for some games. Say, could you blast some Johnny Cash on the P.A. system this spring? We've missed "Ring of Fire'' with our foot-long hotdogs and ice-cold beer (on days off, of course).

The added attraction this spring is lights -- the Pirates will play their first-ever night game at McKechnie. As exciting as that sounds, we look forward to catching an early burn in the sun-splashed left field bleachers as we wait ... and wait ... and wait ... to glove an elusive foul ball.

Watch for our expanded online coverage of the Pirates at this spring, in addition to the best print coverage of the Buccos in the Herald.

See you at the ballpark.



Anonymous said...

There's nothing that says Springtime more than a day at McKechnie Field...

Tony the Tiger said...

Lights at McKechnie???
Say it ain't so!!!
Who at this alleged newspaper is in charge of rousing the masses into civic protest?
Where are the columnists calling for the mayor's head on a platter for agreeing to such tomfoolishness?
Where's the op-ed piece lamenting the loss of days gone by?
What happened to TRADITION????
Stop writing about some child's 13th birthday and her oh-so-proud father's promotion to assistant VP in charge of nothing and DEMAND that those lights come down!
If God had meant baseball to be played at night, he would have put flashlights on batting helmets.
Next thing you know, you'll be telling us their raising the price of beer to $5 a glass.

Insolent Young Punk said...

I really hate it when old farts figure out how to turn on a computer.
It's scary, really.
Ranting and raving about lights???
What's next -- protests against all these horseless carriages clogging up our streets?
Get a life, tony the tiger. I'd say I'll see you at the ballpark -- but these night games will be well past your bedtime, I'm sure.