Monday, March 24, 2008

Doonesbury takes a vacation

Even though we ran a story on 1A today, several readers were surprised to pick up their Herald and notice Doonesbury absent from the Comics page.

The story explained that Garry Trudeau, creator of the popular political cartoon, is taking three months off to recharge his batteries. We decided to use that period to "test drive'' some other comics, rather than publish reruns of Doonesbury.

The early calls and emails are about equally divided on our switch to Prickly City, which also has a political bent, albeit less liberal than Doonesbury.

One email sender wrote: "As a reader of the Herald for 45 years please believe me when I tell you that even the liberals won't miss Doonesbury. I loved the first installment of Prickly City and I hope we'll find that strip in the Herald for a long time.''

But an early caller voiced her displeasure with the change. "Doonesbury deserves to be in your paper. If you don't bring it back we'll have to cancel our subscription,'' she demanded.

We never said we planned to drop Doonesbury for good, but it doesn't take much to set readers off about their favorite — and least favorite — comics. This is a topic no one seems bashful about, so keep weighing in. We enjoy the feedback.



Anonymous said...

Doonesbury belongs on the editorial page where most papers put him because of his left leaning political opinions

Confused said...

Is Doonesbury missing? I hadn;t noticed ....

Second Try said...

A stroke of genius.
Prickly City is the third-best new generation strip going (second only to Pearls Before Swine and Get Fuzzy).
Many thanks for adding it to your lineup.

OldTimer said...

Hi, I haven't read the Bradenton Herald or been in Florida in years. I am considering returning here in the near future. I was wondering if someone could please tell me the current daily comics lineup and current Sunday comics lineup? I am curious to see if any of my favorites are still there, and if there were any other changes made.

Joseph Avery said...

Prickly City is a piece of crap.

Please put comics in that are funny!

Not editorial cartoons badly disguised as a horrible Calvin and Hobbes ripoff.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy Doonesbury, but have also liked Prickly City so far. Keep them both. Native Son