Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Anonymous letter delivers $50 'restitution'

This "incredible but true" tidbit comes courtesy of Greg Curling, our chief financial officer here at the Herald.

Greg received a hand-addressed envelope last week mailed to "Bradenton Herald-Accounts Payable." Inside was an unsigned, handwritten letter that read:

Accounts Payable:

This is a note for restitution.

Back in the late '60s my mother would send me to pick up a Sunday paper. On 2 different occasions I inserted the coins and pressed the coin return button and pulled open the door, taking the newspaper and the returned coins.

Please find enclosed a $50 money order for payment and interest for the stolen newspaper.

Sure enough, tucked inside was a legitimate money order for $50. Untraceable, yet far from impersonal. Sure, there might have been a guilty conscience behind it all. But how cool that somebody cared enough to take the time to set things right.

Here's a hearty "Thank You" for brightening our day.


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