Sunday, June 15, 2008

Good morning, and Happy Father's Day

When Jim asked me to “edit” his column late Friday, I couldn’t wait to read his latest prose. He’s one of the most gifted writers I know -– and if I could offer any tweaks, well, it’s always an honor.

But I wasn’t prepared for the power of Jim’s tribute to his dad, Eugene Smith. It’s a beautiful Father’s Day gift, and an elegant insight into a great father. Make that two great fathers. As you read his Letter from the Editor again, think about Jim as the devoted Dad of two beautiful kids of his own. He never asks for that recognition, but his words portray the strength of his love of fatherhood.

On this day, we thank all great fathers in this world and beyond. I know I miss mine.

Love you, Dad.



Wade Tatangelo said...

Jim is an ace writer and a terrific editor who I greatly admired and benefited from during my days at The Herald ... even when we butted heads.

Annette G. Ayres said...

Jim has been a fatherly figure to a lot of young journalists - and young editors. The door was always open, the guitar nearby to ease the stress and usually some edible treats were within reach from any chair in his office. (Oh yeah, and there's his gifted writing and his grace under pressure, which was tested often during my years there.) Thanks for being a great teacher & great example to those of us who had the pleasure of working with you. Stop by if your travels ever bring you to the beautiful Carolinas!